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While there is a trend towards intellectual education for children, your children also need to play, move, and get enough exercise. Our nursery school activities achieve both objectives by providing your child with space to move around, plenty of opportunity for play, a small library, and various facilities for creative activities. We also boast a well-planned outdoor area that we are continually developing. Your child has free flow access to the outdoor play area which promotes social and communication skills, problem solving, and intrinsic motivation.

Activities for Older Children

We have a vast range of activities for children 4 - 12-years-old:

• Football

• Wii

• Xbox

• Arts and crafts

• Various games

• Versatile outdoor area

The Forest School

Our Forest School education helps to enable children to connect with the nation's trees and forests so that they begin to understand their importance and the impact they have on our environment. At Bramble House, children can benefit greatly from the hands-on learning opportunities inherently present in a woodland environment. In an age when many children have few opportunities for outdoor play, it offers them a way to learn and experience a broad curriculum in a woodland setting with regular visits throughout the year.

Nursery School Activities

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